Roughly 2 years I made a decision to leave NC State. It wasn’t easy. Shortly after leaving college as a student I returned to NC State as an employee intent on bringing the university’s web presence into the modern age. Back in 2005 – when I was a student – they implemented a significant redesign, but little had changed in the 5 years since.

I pushed hard. And there were small victories. But mostly, things stayed the same.

So, I left… and it was one of best decisions I ever made. The sustained personal and professional growth that I’ve undergone in the past two years has been tremendous.

Welcome to Interactive Intelligence

I attribute much of that personal growth to my teammates. Their impact on me was immediate. Not only did this new team surrounding me constitute the most talented group of people I had ever worked with — they were also friendly, collaborative and — most importantly — encouraging.

Instead of interacting with 3 or 4 people on a regular basis — I was working with 20 people. Members of my own team, other UI teams, service owners, user experience designers, writers, product managers — everyone working towards a shared goal. These people would review my code on a daily basis and I them.

The culture was just different.

At Interactive, on the anniversary of your start date, you undergo peer review where everyone you’ve worked with over the past year has the opportunity to weigh in on your performance. Hopefully people will have nice things to say, or at the very least, constructive criticisms. I actually look forward to this review. And I’m hopeful that people are open and honest while expressing their opinions — because those opinions are really helpful in my development as a software engineer.

Looking Forward

I reflect on all of this now because the end of March will mark the end of my second year at Interactive. When I joined the company in 2014, the PureCloud project had been underway for a couple years. It wasn’t on the market yet — and it wouldn’t be for a while longer. In RTP, there were about 70 people contributing to the project, but it was growing rapidly.

Today, I think that number is somewhere between 200-300, but honestly, I’m not even sure. It could be more. We probably have 150 or so in Durham alone, but we also have people at Interactive headquarters in Indiana, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida, Colorado, and California. And those are places I can remember.

Best of all, PureCloud is now available and gaining traction in the market. I don’t know how far it will go, and I don’t know how far I’ll go with it – but I’m excited about the oppurtunity to be a part of the journey. So, here’s to the most interesting year yet.