I’m a software engineer at Interactive Intelligence in Durham, NC. This is a collection of thoughts on web development, life, and some things that happen in between. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. Read more about me »


Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 4 — Vue.js, Filestack, Subscription-Model Pricing, The Apple Store, and Unit Testing

One of our ‘lost episodes’ that’s making it’s public appearance months after recording, this episode discusses Vue.js, PHPStorm, anecdotes about the Apple Store, and more.  Read more »

Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 3 — A Node Module Named Kik, An Event Apart, Robots, and Styleguides

In this episode we lead off talking about the Kik/NPM/Azer situation. Later, the group discusses building UI styleguides, anecdotes from An Event Apart, artificial intelligence, JS Frameworks, and more!  Read more »

Medium: San Francisco, CA / Nov. 16–23, 2014

During my first year at Interactive, one thing that was stressed to me by several people was that I should pick and attend a conference. I chose An Event Apart in San Francisco, CA. My first trip to the west coast.  Read more »

Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 2 — WordPress and Testing

In episode two, we take on developing for WordPress VIP as well as unit testing and other testing methodolgies such as test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD) and integration testing.  Read more »

2 Years

Reflecting back on the last 2 years at Interactive Intelligence, I can only be appreciative of people I've had the opportunity to work with and I can only be excited about what the future might bring.  Read more »

Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 1 — Bios, Hiring Developers, Slack, Statamic

Josh Mobley, Nick Rigby and I discuss Slack, working remote, hiring developers, and Statmic — a flat file CMS — in the inaugural episode of Let's Make a Podcast.  Read more »

Medium: Here's the Deal

After recently returning from the Southwest, I have decided to chronicle my travels through words and photography on Medium.   Read more »

Slide Deck: Inspiring Institutional Creativity

A talk from Refresh the Triangle: Why do web developers and designers love their job? When do they stop? How can we keep them engaged and inspired? It’s about more than just the work.  Read more »