I’m a software engineer at Interactive Intelligence in Durham, NC. This is a collection of thoughts on web development, life, and some things that happen in between. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. Read more about me »


Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 3 — A Node Module Named Kik, An Event Apart, Robots, and Styleguides

In this episode we lead off talking about the Kik/NPM/Azer situation. Later, the group discusses building UI styleguides, anecdotes from An Event Apart, artificial intelligence, JS Frameworks, and more!  Read more »

Medium: San Francisco, CA / Nov. 16–23, 2014

During my first year at Interactive, one thing that was stressed to me by several people was that I should pick and attend a conference. I chose An Event Apart in San Francisco, CA. My first trip to the west coast.  Read more »

Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 2 — WordPress and Testing

In episode two, we take on developing for WordPress VIP as well as unit testing and other testing methodolgies such as test-driven development (TDD), behavior-driven development (BDD) and integration testing.  Read more »

2 Years

Reflecting back on the last 2 years at Interactive Intelligence, I can only be appreciative of people I've had the opportunity to work with and I can only be excited about what the future might bring.  Read more »

Let's Make A Podcast Ep. 1 — Bios, Hiring Developers, Slack, Statamic

Josh Mobley, Nick Rigby and I discuss Slack, working remote, hiring developers, and Statmic — a flat file CMS — in the inaugural episode of Let's Make a Podcast.  Read more »

Medium: Here's the Deal

After recently returning from the Southwest, I have decided to chronicle my travels through words and photography on Medium.   Read more »

Slide Deck: Inspiring Institutional Creativity

A talk from Refresh the Triangle: Why do web developers and designers love their job? When do they stop? How can we keep them engaged and inspired? It’s about more than just the work.  Read more »